SAM ScanMail

I’m turning twenty-two this year and this actually means that i’m slowly starting to pay my own bills (yes, i have been living off my parents even for my bills) and it’s time to start paying them myself, but with my busy and always un-confirmed schedule i have been facing issues with my mails.

> Misplacing my bill payment letters which leds to eventually forgot about paying them
> Being away from home and not able to pay my bills
> I shifted last year and apparently forgot to update my address for my bills payments
> Losing my receipts after payment of the bills

but with Scanmail, it just make things alot easier for me! why and how ??

1. Having all my bill payments on a single access! 
Yes, most of the service offers digital mail service, but having to access them you would have to approach each service individually, but with ScanMail it has all my bill payment on a single access and i’ll be able to see each one of them at a go which also improves efficiency of my mail management!

2. Making my bill payments directly through SAM’S Integrated payment platform 
I’ll be able to make my bill payment immediatly with their fully-integrated payment platform via my SAM app on my phone or through SAM’s website

3. No more burgeoning stack of physical mail 
No more stacking of physical bill payments and receipts in my planner! yay and which also mean not needing to worry about losing them! double yay!!

4. Storing all of my mails digitally for up to 7 years!
Being able to trace all my bill payments digitally and also up to 7 years !!!

and how does ScanMail works ?
Sign up here : ScanMail Sign Up 


There’s three plans to choose from depending on the amount of bill payments and also mails that you wish to keep track of. I personally opt for the Lite plan with 10 mail per month as it’s more than enough for me.

& there’s a limited time offer of $19.90 per month now.


For more details on ScanMail : Click Here 

adulthood is honestly tough guys. Ever since i started my internship, i learn the hard truth of the society and also industry and also how hard it is to earn money.

Glitter Mermaid

Casers sent me this gorgeous premium glitter mermaid iphone6 case, so gorgeous with the sparkly blue and sliver hologram hearts which matches the princess mermaid really well!



What i absolutely love about their casing is … if you have seen/own one of those glitter cases, you would know that the glitter cases are usually hard cover but …. this glitter casing that i’m having it’s back is a hard cover but the sides are soft sides, which is super bonus ??? i wouldn’t have to worry about breaking my nails while trying to get the cover out because usually hard cover casing breaks my nails and with all four sides covered with soft rubber material it means extra protection for my phone because i’m really prone to drop my phone frequently !!


Casers has a variety of phone cases from adorable cartoon ones, to glitter ones like mine, to line apps and they even have the reflective phone cases (which is super pretty!!) and also variety means they also have cases for iphone 5/5s/6/6s/6plus and 6s plus 
Most of their cases are ready stocks or instocks like what most people would say.
and their cases are range from $9.90 to $15.90 and their prices are inclusive of normal postage!! (which honestly i think is so affordable because i usually get my phone cases from pasar malam and they cost me a rough range of $12.00 to $20.00)


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.03.55 am copy

cases are available on two platform :
> Instagram @shopcasers
> Carousell @casers

and before you head over to get your phone some new clothing/coverage
casers is kindly giving a 10% off your phone cover when you quote “amandaxcasers10”
so yay, much more affordable !!
& also, follow them to get constant updates on their phone casing!





Althea Christmas Box

Althea is a webstore which carries authentic Korea beauty products all the way from Korea and the best point they ship internationally but for Althea SG (< click)

This is my second time shopping at Althea, i’m always a fan of Korean Beauty Products but due to us being in Singapore, i personally find that the cost price is always higher here compared to going Korea physically to get our products but thanks to Althea, i can get all my beauty products all in one site and of course at a lower cost price compared to shops! and bonus point it would be mailed to your place so despite being busy with school and work, you still can get all your products!

Althea is currently having their 3 x-mas deals !!!

01 : Christmas Coupon
> $7 off when you check out with XMAS-SG 
> Free Shipping with above $30 (usually it will be $50!)

02 : Limited Edition Box
> Instead of their usual beautiful pink box (which i have madly fallen in love with!) your beauty products will come in their limited edition Christmas season box in red or green!

03 : Fly Me To Korea Lucky Draw
> Grand prize, A trip to Seoul, Korea flight and hotel (5 days 4 nights) + a dinner with Althea 
> First prize, $400 Althea credit
> Second prize, $200 Althea credit

I personally would like to win the first or second prize though like credits ??? omg, i can stock up my beauty products for a few months or of course get gifts for my lovelies !!!


I submitted my orders on the 30th November, Monday and the products arrived on 4th December, Friday. Pretty impressed with the shipping as it only took four days and the products were shipped from Korea! (Whoop, Christmas came early for me!)



What i got :

2. Change Pack Tone Line   – S$15
3. Tinted Dual Brow – S$14.40
4. New Delight Tony Tint – S$4.00
Total : S$64.95
Discount (XMAS-SG,Innisfree Brand Day) : -S$9.16
Use Points : -S$55.79
did i also mention that first time customer who signed up for an AltheaKorea account, you get 10 points ???? (-S$10.00) for your first or next purchase !!!!

till then, xx

Kotex Luxe Ultrathin

I am a long time user of Kotex and i was really excited when they sent me their new Luxe series of pads!

and when i first open it i was so amazed, instead of usual white packaging pads, Kotex Luxe’s packaging actually comes in FOUR different colours!

The Kotex Luxe Ultrathin has improved in Four different ways 

1. Surround Lock Protection 

Specially designed to rapidly absorb and lock away fluid to help prevent back-flow so that your skin feels dry and comfortable 

2. Honeycomb Liquid-Locker

With surrounding embossed star-contours designed to help provide you with additional security and leakage protection.

3. Ultra Comfort Cover 

Specially designed to deliver both dryness and softness, helping provide the ultimate experience of a high performance pad. The honeycomb centre helped keep your skin dry, while the surrounding soft cottony surface helped provide intimate care for your skin.

4. New Packaging! 

Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Daytime – 24cm 

The daytime pad comes in 24cm and 28cm, i personally would prefer opting for the 28cm one as i always feel very paranoid regarding leakage wearing shorter length pads, the pad is also thinner compared to the previous kotex pads and other brands i have used which makes it more comfortable! thinner pads = easier movement for me! and even though it’s daytime i still prefer using overnight pads as it’s longer and i guess i feel more secure? the good thing is that the Kotex Luxe Daytime’s 28cm can also hold heavy flow! so yay!!!!!!!!!!! 

Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Overnight – 32cm 

Night Leakage has always been one of my most top worries and my most hated time during my period week because for some reason my pads would tend “move” sideways when i’m sleeping and the next morning i would be in a total mess! but the overnight pads absorbs 3x faster than my usual overnight pads so yay!!!! no more night leakage and staining of undies + bedsheets !!!!

and the next best thing is that the packaging is in a draw-string bag which makes it so portable to carry around when i’m out! 

The Kotex Luxe Ultrathin is retailing at $5.95 per pack! 

but want to try the product first before getting it?

Sample Store is giving Free Sample for the Kotex Luxe Ultrathin

simply click > “KotexLuxeUltrathinSampleStore!”

Kotex Singapore is also giving Free Sample for the Kotex Luxe Ultrathin 

at their Facebook page! simply click >”KotexSingapore!”

Essential CC Oil and Night Care Milk

Have the Evil Hair Stress Brothers caught up with you at one point of your life or you’re just a person like me whom the Evil Hair Stress Brother catches up with everyday!

– Introducing the Evil Hair Stress Brothers –

 – and little more about them –

we all know that our usual bleaching, perming and dying of our hair can cause damages but our everyday hair routine (blowdrying, combing, pillow friction) and external environmental factors (air conditioning) can also put stress on our hair and impact our hair health and appearance and also damage our precious hair cuticle!

– Introducing Essential CC Oil! –

– The “CC” in the new Essential CC Oil stands for Cuticle Care.

– The CC Oil shares the same ‘multi-functional’ concept of BB & CC creams ????

– BB/CC Creams they gives moisturize, cover blemishes, brighten skin etc etc which ….

– The new Essential CC Oil -> 1 oil protects your hair from 5 stresses.

it also forms a protective coat around each hair strand and protects your hair from the 5 hair stresses, leaving you with more beautiful, less tangles and manageable hair.

But! what is the 5 hair stresses ????

1. Blow Drying (The Orange Hair Brother!)

    Damage Level 7/10 – Heat damage and causing friction from blow drying

    * The process of blow drying removes the moisture from both outside and inside of our hair leaving our hair dry, brittle and susceptible for further damage!

2. Combing (The Pink Hair Brother!)

    Damage Level 6/10 – Causing friction damage to our hair cuticles due to our daily combing

    * Combing through wet hair causes great hair damage as our hair follicle is at is most fragile state, the friction caused by coming through our dry hair can form hair knots which makes hair prone to unnecessary breakage

3. Split Ends (The Blue Hair Brother!)

   Damage Level 11/10 because i always have to spend $$$ to cut them!  – Fraying of hair shaft due to dry and brittle hair

   * The ends of your hair are the oldest and driest parts. when the protective hair cuticle is destroyed at the end of the hair, the hair splits into two or more parts

4. Hair Breakage (The Yellow Hair Brother!)

    Damage Level 7/10

    * Do you know that other seemingly harmless actions like tying your hair into a tight ponytail or twirling your hair with your fingers exert excessive stress on your hair (i’m so guilty of this!) which resulting in hair breakage

5. Dryness (The Green Hair Brother!)

    Damage Level : 9/10 – Dry hair that feels rough

    * Exposure to the sun, wind or air-conditioning can result in hair dryness, the hair cuticle that protects the hair is weakened and is unable to retain the moisture within the cuticles of the hair

Bonus! It’s small and portable which you can put into your everyday bag and have gorgeous looking hair throughout the entire day no matter how crazy your day is and it contains hair supplement oil which is similar to hair’s natural oil which gives you the shiny looking sleek!

Hold on!

Do you know that sleeping can also cause friction to our hair ??? it’s called the Pillow Friction 

What is Pillow Friction ?

– Pillow Friction are caused by us when we toss and turn at night, there is friction between our hair and pillow, causing the cuticles to be misaligned/

– Misaligned cuticles creates frizz, resulting in the fabulous lion’s mane the next morning (sounds familiar girls?)

– Washing our hair will ‘reset’ the mane which why many of us have no choice but to wash and blow dry our hair in the morning before we held to school or work but …. i’m sure some of us would rather have more time for our beauty sleep than going through this hassle and routine of washing and blow-drying in the morning!

– Introducing Essential Night Care Milk –

The Essential Night Care Milk ….

– Protects our hair from pillow friction by leaving a protective coat around each hair strand

– Prevent misaligned cuticles when our hair are rub against the pillowcase, leaving our hair more manageable the next morning!

* To be applied on damp or dry hair before going to bed *

I personally prefer applying it on my dry hair!

Both of the Essential CC Oil and Essential Night Care Milk are retailing at $11.90 each!

You can also combat the 5 Stress Brothers by playing the Essential’s Mane Hero Facebook Game

Help Essential Mane to collect all the Essential CC Oil and Essential Night Care Milk by just using your left and right keyboard key, if she catches the right product she gain 100 points, if she catch the 5 stress brothers or the peaky pillow king she loses 50 points!

Visit Essential Facebook Page for more information on the products!