SAM ScanMail

I’m turning twenty-two this year and this actually means that i’m slowly starting to pay my own bills (yes, i have been living off my parents even for my bills) and it’s time to start paying them myself, but with my busy and always un-confirmed schedule i have been facing issues with my mails.

> Misplacing my bill payment letters which leds to eventually forgot about paying them
> Being away from home and not able to pay my bills
> I shifted last year and apparently forgot to update my address for my bills payments
> Losing my receipts after payment of the bills

but with Scanmail, it just make things alot easier for me! why and how ??

1. Having all my bill payments on a single access! 
Yes, most of the service offers digital mail service, but having to access them you would have to approach each service individually, but with ScanMail it has all my bill payment on a single access and i’ll be able to see each one of them at a go which also improves efficiency of my mail management!

2. Making my bill payments directly through SAM’S Integrated payment platform 
I’ll be able to make my bill payment immediatly with their fully-integrated payment platform via my SAM app on my phone or through SAM’s website

3. No more burgeoning stack of physical mail 
No more stacking of physical bill payments and receipts in my planner! yay and which also mean not needing to worry about losing them! double yay!!

4. Storing all of my mails digitally for up to 7 years!
Being able to trace all my bill payments digitally and also up to 7 years !!!

and how does ScanMail works ?
Sign up here : ScanMail Sign Up 


There’s three plans to choose from depending on the amount of bill payments and also mails that you wish to keep track of. I personally opt for the Lite plan with 10 mail per month as it’s more than enough for me.

& there’s a limited time offer of $19.90 per month now.


For more details on ScanMail : Click Here 

adulthood is honestly tough guys. Ever since i started my internship, i learn the hard truth of the society and also industry and also how hard it is to earn money.


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