Goodbye, Twenty-Sixteen

Twenty-Sixteen was draining, tough, suffocating and exhuasting.

I made a whole bunch of mistakes that defeated me this year and i didn’t know how to forgive myself, i learnt that happiness is temporary but joy last a little while more than temporary. In twenty-fifteen i learnt to let go and move on but in twenty-sixteen i fell right back into square one. It was so hard to let go of the hatred, anger and frustation deep down inside. I hate myself and i still do.

> Final year project (‘Lu:sid/)
Crazy bunch of team mates (Denzil, Chloe, Sharlene) that deal with my shit for the first semester of the year, lots of disagreement along the way but i’m very glad we managed to finish ‘Lu:sid/

> Stepping down DMIT Club (Public Relation Head/GL Trainer)
GL Training was really fun with my fellow trainers Cedric, who called me a milion time to wake me up in the morning so i wouldn’t be late and also Reynard who dealed with my shit. I think both of them had a fair share of dealing with my shit and also tolerating my nonsense and also my fellow GL(s) who made us vvvvvv proud!

> Bernard’s commissioning (OCS Infantry)
God damn it, i was so glad it was ovvvvvver for him and also me! i don’t have much to say about this, it was tough, crazy but also a good experience at the same time,  i’m a vvvvvv proud girlfriend! and yes, he brought me along as his date for commission ball! (who else can he bring right? hahah jk.)

> Twenty-First birthday celebration 
Extremely blessed! It was crazy, fun, lots of love and also lots of money spent $$$$

> Producing Internship (1-)
Internship is crazy but also really fun (with the right people, right crew) so far so good, i guess it’s “welcome to the real world” and honestly, the real production world is craaaaaazy but also really fullfilling, achivement unlock!! and best part, my batch of fellow interns are (y) (y) (y)

On a good note, i only fainted twice this year but meh, had a really bad stomach flu (i was bedridden for three days, the only three places i was at was the doctors, my room, the toilet to puke) conjunctivitis and also the usual fever/flu blah blah blah. Health has been really bad this year too.

I hope twenty-seventeen would be a better year with me making better choices but well, there is only so much you can do without losing yourself right ?





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