Back, finally.

I came home at 23:46, opened my room door and saw the letter i have been waiting for since 2014 on my table, i had a slight smirk on my face but that’s when i thought to myself, damn adult hood is here and yes, it’s my gst money. which i have been envy-ing since i was eighteen.

So, adult hood is here. i’m turning twenty-one in 26 days and yes, of course an advance celebration which will be held in 23 days (saturday) because my birthday falls on a tuesday.

Adult hood is scaring me, seeing how my friends and b are already paying their own bills scares me even more because i’m still living off my parents (yes even my phone bills) which isn’t going to last anymore. I’ve always dream and desire to meet my true love by the age of eighteen, get marry by twenty-five and give birth by twenty-eight but right now, at this exact moment i just want to finish my last year in poly, pass my interview and start working or even better get a place in a university (which is rlyyyyy hard because of my gpa), save up a sum of money or get more money in my cpf before settling down.

but geez, i can’t wait for my 21st celebration! most of the preparation has been settled, honestly thanks to the boyf’s sister and her boyfriend for helping me to ballot a place at SAF’s villa and also my mum for settling the catering (the amount of effort my mum is putting in just to make sure we can have pineapple fried rice is rly :’)) and yay. i’ve decided to get my ass back to blogging because i haven’t done it in a really long time and oh, if you have realize i bought my domain too so now it’s .com yay!

and ps/
ah you little bitches would be saying “amanda is such a attention seeker since I don’t know why” “I don’t need 20-50 people to come and celebrate my 21st for me” ah u little bitches who can’t get over yourselves and yes i am attention seeking so what, did i get your attention now to slam me more online ? 😉



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