Sorting life out (1)

One week left till the semester break ends and break has been busy, busy and busy!

I have been really busy with GL training, production planning, production shoot, camp, packing for move, resting at home and also back in Bernard’s arm because he’s back from Brunei but …. he’s leaving again for Taiwan in a week time so it’s goodbye for another month.

Life has been in a mess since i ended camp, can’t seem to get back on track with my schedule + it’s the second week i’m sick and still have not recover yet and everyday’s a struggle to cope with …. i promise i’ll be back on track with this space soon.

I came across this article “20-somethings — Give yourselves some credit because you’re doing just fine” 

1.  A job is a job
2. We’re all huge liars
3. Everyone moves at a different pace
4. You still have time to figure everything out
5. It’s unfair to compare yourself to other people
6. Relationships ain’t everything
7. The little successes, matters too
8. The world is way different than it used to be
9. Believe it or not, you’re still super young
10. You’re doing better than you realize

Honestly, it was a 10/10 hit after i finished the article but i still gave myself a pat on my back agreeing that i am doing better than i realize. I might had fucked up lots of stuff in the past or maybe i am still doing it now but i’m pretty sure that i had done way better than what i’ve expected from myself so far. I haven’t had my life figured out yet, i still have zero idea what i’m going to do next, even now everyday’s a struggle to cope but …. at least i’m still alive and still trying, trying my best and for that, kudos to myself but still … it’s also time to get my life back into place and time waits for no man.

I promise i will get my life back into place, schedule sorted out fully and also be more committed to this space.

but till then,



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