31/366 days

“Your 31 day trial of 2016 has now expired.”

January has been a busy month since the starting but on a good note, i started the day 01 waking up to the boyf and also spent the day with my mum, sister and boyf, following
january has been filled with alot of anxiety, vexation and downhearted.

with the over-loaded assignments, events, work commitments and also emotional fights it lead the month into a neutral one, neither a good or a bad month.
i have been basically staying in studio till 9:30pm from monday – friday
& weekends are just work -> meeting the boyf

on a particular week of January has been the worst nerve-wrecking week for me, i even had the worst preparation prepared but i’m so glad it’s all over now.

also had my final year project presentation on the 22nd january and ….. apparently my ‘lus:id/ got choosen as one of the short film, slightly excited to get ‘lus:id/ shot!

Thoughts of the month 

> Hatred has been a big part of me as i was growing up and it’s still is, hate is a strong word so i always remind myself not to say it easily but a few days back i couldn’t go on telling myself that. i hate you, i hate how you were a part of his life, i hate that i even knew it before i met him, i hate everything that had happened between you and him even though it’s past which leads to point number two.

> Letting go, i let go of lots of stuffs as the year was ending last year and this time, i need to let go of the hatred i have within me, with the overwhelming hatred and jealousy in me, i’m changing into somebody else i don’t know.

> Love is greater, emotional fights were filling in during january, coming from understanding to finding fault to almost losing but i realize, love is greater, love is able to conquer and we know, we love each other.

on a side note, Chinese New Year is approaching !!!
i’m basically going all Zalora this cny not because i’m a brand ambassador but because online shopping was easier and less time spent + i always love Zalora clothes so why not?

i am recently really hook onto restaurant city 2016, felt like i was back in my secondary school days, just looking forward to go on facebook and check on my restaurant ….

although there’s still roughly half a year to my 21st birthday, the planning has already started and i’m kinda stuck on two choices ???
> Big Sky Room : No plain wall for photo taking
> Sky Room : Kinda small to fit in 30-40pax
but i really want to stick to lloyd’s inn for the hotel choice. sigh !!!
still trying to cap the amount of people to <30 but i currently have 40+ people on the list


today, it’s day 02/29 and here’s to another busy month. cant wait for all the assignments to end

January’s visual




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