OCS Social Night

So Bernard invited me to his Alpha’s wing social night on the 30th December which was held at Safti, i kept bugging him for a proper invitation because i felt that since social night was a “grand” and important event, i deserve a proper invite ??? so … he wrote a really nice letter to me and plus point because he got me a bouquet of flowers (which was my first bouquet of flowers from him and also i checked out the cart + paid it with his credit card on my own because he couldn’t checked out hahahah qtpie)

He told me about the social night roughly a month before the event and yes, i was really paranoid and excited at the same time ???? i wanted to know what would it be like just to “equip” myself so i went to google and read a few blog posts from the girls who attended social night before and all of them look amaaaazing and roughly a week after i started looking for my social night dress which was really hard because i was busy with assignments and i had to shoot my short film during the term break and even when i had a day of break all i wanted to do was to rest so …. it was partly my laziness! ha.

I wanted to wear a maxi dress because i thought it would be more “appropriate” and bernard also mention that it would be quite “grand” and since he was going to wear his smart two … i wanted to look good beside him so i went onto carousell and selected my top five but eventually i chose a really pretty black halter bareback maxi dress and a few days later the postage came in the mail, i tried it the moment i got home but sadly i couldn’t fit the dress because my upper body was too skinny for the dress and the dress was practically exposing my boobs which was really …. krikkk, asked for sos and bernard’s sister was really sweet to spare me her fashion tape so i can tape the upper body’s side down but i went on to search for another back up dress (which i wasn’t suppose to but a girl got to do what she got to do, sorry bby!) and two days before the social night i managed to get another dress on carousell which was a really pretty piece too and best part ? it fitted me perfectly.

^ The dress that didn’t fit me but it’s soooo pretty ???? urgh! ^


 ^ My outfit for Social Night! ^

On the day of Social Night, i went over to bernard’s place in the afternoon after he book out because he place was just a fifteen minutes drive to safti and his parents were really sweet to drive us there!

so, i went over and bernard kept dragging me to dance because he said it was alpha’s tradition to dance during social night and to the people who don’t know me well … i honestly can’t dance, i can’t even shake my body well (i honestly wonder how i look like in club when i dance) but he kept mentioning that everyone had to dance and he was getting pissed because i just kept lying down on his bed and not wanting to move so reluctantly, i drag myself to his parents room and his mum taught us how to dance with the help of his sister, it was really fun and awkward because it was my first time dancing after a really long time and it was also my first time dancing with bernard … so i was slightly awkward and shy, i have no idea why ??? we practiced the dance and went to have lunch together. i tried my best not to eat too much because my dress was kinda tight fitting ….. went home to rest and started preparing, did my make up and changed into my dress where bernard styled his hair and got dressed in his smart two and god, he look so good!

His parents drove us to safti, we went to look for Elson before registering, we went in and bernard started to introduce his mates to me, all of their dates looks aaaaaaaaamazing, i was super amazed ??? and also felt sightly low in self-esteem but bernard reminded me that i look really good that night so yay comfort! we didn’t do anything much that night because we didn’t wanted to participate in the games so we kept can siam we siam! hahah it was more of following him around and had small conversation with his mates and their date, lucky me that i met some of his mates before during christmas so i was able to interact a-little! there were performances as well and i laughed so bad at one of the performance by one of his mate, they prank him earlier the day saying that he had to perform, it was suppose to be a prank but someone sabotage him and he had to perform the road march cheer (which was really quite impressive that he could thought of that in a really short time but nether-less it was a good performance, i laughed so much) and after that it was some award giving thingy.






Soon they started the alpha dance with the song thinking out loud !!! i was still slightly reluctant to dance but when bernard turned to me and said “shall we ?” i went ♥.♥ , still reluctant but i thought to myself why not ? since we already practiced and …. i never regretted dancing with bernard although throughout the dance i was laughing because he kept going “1,2,3,4” just like how we practiced at home and he was kinda off point so i told him “why not you follow my lead ?” but well, guys being guys with their ego … he insisted in leading so i just kept laughing but it was a really good dance and it was also out first dance so yay no regrets!
after the dance, it was some platoon dance ??? and he platoon was really cute dancing to harlem shake and eventually after that it was the night of the social night and we headed home by cab and had supper together before i went home.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because …. half of the time i was just following bernard around but it was really nice meeting Jamie there and we had a short catch up before the night ended !!!

& to the girls who are reading this to prepare yourself for social night ….

1. Prepare at least two weeks before the night!
Outfit, Make up, accessories but i just did my normal everyday make up and my go to causal sling bag ! I only got my dress a week before the night which i couldn’t fit and it was too late to get it altered but lucky me that i managed to get a dress that fits perfectly two days before the event and it’s ok to over-dress, really!

2. Take more pictures
Smile and just take take take! I kept asking bernard to re-take our ootd and maybe because it was social night so he didn’t complain at all ???? which was really nice of him but i honestly regretted not taking more with the people i know!

3. Just enjoy the night 
I’m glad i took things easy and tried to open myself up more to talk to people first and just enjoy the night with the performances and the companies

& lastly, if your date is in alpha wing … DANCE !!! 


Looking forward to your commission !!! ♥


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