Goodbye, Twenty-Fifteen

Twenty-fifteen has been an honestly crazy year, ton’s of ups and downs, it was a very emotional year but it has also actually brought out a part of me that i wouldn’t have the courage to show the world without the encouragement from the friends, the boyf, the family and especially the clique (4ever)

I am absolutely grateful for tons of people, my boyf, my parents, my friends, the bestf and also i can’t help but repeat especially the clique (4ever)

In twenty-fifteen, i lost a a bunch of girls who held a really special place in my heart, one whom i had known for sixteen years, one whom had been one of my bestest friend and one whom turned from an enemy to a close friend. I don’t blame them neither do i blame myself now for us falling apart, we’ve all moved on i’m pretty sure.

In twenty-fifteen, i had receive praises, compliments and good comments from people in my life, mentioning that i’ve grown a lot, i’ve opened up a lot, i’ve been more independent in both school work and personal life and mainly, i’ve stepped out of my comfort zone which i felt that it was really important and also i’ve learnt to let go and move on in life.

In twenty-fifteen, i’ve achieved so many things. From being a GL for FOC Camp to being part of the main committee family of my club to finishing halloween special effects make up attachment (which was a really good experience) to being an SPOH website model and also getting my sponsorship for blogging!

In twenty-fifteen, my relationship has taken another step higher, from bernard’s graduation to being an NS BMT Girlf to an OCS Girlf now and with all the things that are in our way, we made it through so far and twenty-sixteen would be an amazing year with you again.

It has been an emotional year and i’m glad that twenty-fifteen is over as i’m really looking forward to a better year in twenty-sixteen.

I believe twenty-sixteen would continue to be an emotional year, clique splitting up, being a glt, stepping down, final year project, the hectic long awaited internship and oh have i mention that i’m back to teaching on the weekends ? + the boy’s brunei and taiwan trip ….

In twenty-sixteen, i would hit twenty-one which is the age that i’m always looking very forward to (and the planning for it has already started!) although i’m growing a year older and by the last day of twenty-sixteen, 31 December 2016.

Dear me, i hope you are able to check most of your twenty-sixteen resolutions, i hope you spent more time with your family and had the greatest twenty-one birthday party you have always wanted, i hope you are enjoying your internship and not regretting any choices you had made, i hope you had continue to step out of your comfort zone because in twenty-fifteen you’ve learnt that it was really important, i hope had continue trying hard at school in your assignments although i know by now you would still be hating nuke, maya, after effects and cinema 4D, i hope you and bernard are now counting down together, i believe you and him has make it through all your busy schedules and i hope you had a great year because today on the 1st January you believe it would be.

But well, here’s to all the good memories made in twenty-fifteen.








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