Life as a NS (BMT) Girlfriend



I’ve been together with Bernard for close to a year and a half before he enlisted for National Service and i wouldn’t deny that it was a long and hard process for me as at that point of time i was already very physically and emotionally attached to Bernard.

We had a lot of ups and downs in the year and a half, we are both very strong headed people who are stubborn and we also have a very strong stand towards our own choices and thoughts.

Bernard was enlisted to Tekong for BMT and he was one of those enlistee in the enhance batch, it was during a tuesday morning which he had to report to Tekong, both his parents, his older sister and i went along with him. All was well but two things that hit me hard was when the enlistee was saying their vow and the usual loud three words was “with my life” and secondly, was when we said goodbye. All i wanted to do at that point of time was to grab hold of him and not let him go lol lol lol.
It was so bad, i almost cried but i didn’t wanted to seem weak infront of his parents and sister ( ha ha ha ) so i held it all back.

so through out the 9 weeks, it was just like a rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs, fast and slow.
I usually keep him updated with my whereabouts like going to school, going out with my friends etc or what i’ve eaten for my meals and also counting down to his POP hahah!

so ….

1. Emotionally Unstable
I was extremely emotionally unstable at that point of time because i was still trying to adapt to the “timetable” he had. I often found myself really lonely, lost and upset because i was so overly attached to him and i was also having my term break when he enlisted so ….. it was a lot worst. The first two weeks of confinement just made everything worst, there were times where i just wanted to stay in bed the whole day to cry lol. But i tried to distract myself, kept myself busy with school work when the term started again and i also tend to re-read encouraging messages that he sent me!

2. Boring Topics/Neglaction
Phone calls, text messages and face to face conversation was always about BMT/IPPT/Standard Obstacle Course, Route March, Battle Inoculation Course and the other BMT Stuff that he did/his bunk mates did.
I wouldn’t deny that there were times when i got sick and tired about him talking about BMT and i would tend to throw a tantrum at him about it. One thing i have learnt that communication is really important, we made a promise that if there’s anything we dislike or not comfortable with we would say it out so all was well at the end but honestly, some of his army stories are really interesting !!!!

3. Time Management
> Amanda :
School from Monday – Friday (8am – 9.30pm)
Work from Saturday – Sunday (8am – 4.30pm)
> Bernard :
BMT from Monday – Friday (all day, different timing)
Gym on Saturday/Sunday (9.30am – 1.30pm)

Time management was an issue for us.
Weekends are short and precious, bernard always repeatedly tell me
“24 hours outside, 48 hours inside”
There’s so many people he have to spend time with, his family, his poly friends, his bromance, his other friends and of course me.
and i think that it’s really important he spend time with his close friends and the more important one family.
so instead of just me and him alone on every weekend, we go out with his sisters or once in awhile his closest friend. which is really good because he gets to spend time with them + me ! (so yayz!)
and of course, in some case most of the weekend they would be dying to just stay home and sleep (which is bernard’s case!!) so on some weekend we would just laze at home, watch downloaded movies or just play l4d!

But like what i have mention communication is really important, we concluded that we have to meet at least once a week! (unless for duty/outfield) so we can spend at least a day together and it would usually be sundays so i can accompany him to pasir ris for book in (ps/ i was there during every book out and book in haha except one day where he book out at 11pm and it was way too late) and also support, mentally and physically. 

so he just POP two months back and he is in OCS now!
OCS So far has been a crazier ride and maybe i’ll do another post on it as times pass !!
lastly to end this post, the most important thing to me is staying faithful.



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