Fail Vlog ? Istana Woods ?

How to go to Istana Woodneuk ? :
> Take any bus (Bus 7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 123, 174, 564, 625) that alights you at Opp Peirce Road  (11209)
> Walk towards the direction of the shelter 
> There are several gaps as you walk along the shelter, attend the first gap you see just a few steps away from the first barrier
> As you enter you will notice this trail with a rope at the right side, walk up the trail with the help of the rocks that’s on the ground and of course the rope !
> After roughly five minutes, you will reach a path that diverge into two ways, walk along the right path and you will notice Istana Woods


12048452_1046583005376289_1317542770_n 12077123_1046582985376291_366758468_n

“The man is warm and dead. My soul is cold and alive Thus we can never be together, and can only stare at each other from spirit heavens, forever. “

12084075_1046582992042957_1832451644_n 12092433_1046582988709624_1103767678_n

Beautifully collapsing interior

12081344_1046583048709618_877096041_n 12076932_1046583002042956_1519531521_n

And look who came home with a cut + bruise

12067155_1046583145376275_1412304666_n 12048446_1046583178709605_899549349_n

When there’s an #ootd opportunity ….. take it

 12086907_1046583148709608_1668331344_n 12083868_1046583165376273_2104728529_n

So … me and dexter sort of collarborated and did a vlog together, but due to technical difficulties the vlog was incomplete !

˅ My vlog ˅

and also watch dexter’s vlog

˅ Dexter’s vlog ˅


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