Kotex Luxe Ultrathin

I am a long time user of Kotex and i was really excited when they sent me their new Luxe series of pads!

and when i first open it i was so amazed, instead of usual white packaging pads, Kotex Luxe’s packaging actually comes in FOUR different colours!

The Kotex Luxe Ultrathin has improved in Four different ways 

1. Surround Lock Protection 

Specially designed to rapidly absorb and lock away fluid to help prevent back-flow so that your skin feels dry and comfortable 

2. Honeycomb Liquid-Locker

With surrounding embossed star-contours designed to help provide you with additional security and leakage protection.

3. Ultra Comfort Cover 

Specially designed to deliver both dryness and softness, helping provide the ultimate experience of a high performance pad. The honeycomb centre helped keep your skin dry, while the surrounding soft cottony surface helped provide intimate care for your skin.

4. New Packaging! 

Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Daytime – 24cm 

The daytime pad comes in 24cm and 28cm, i personally would prefer opting for the 28cm one as i always feel very paranoid regarding leakage wearing shorter length pads, the pad is also thinner compared to the previous kotex pads and other brands i have used which makes it more comfortable! thinner pads = easier movement for me! and even though it’s daytime i still prefer using overnight pads as it’s longer and i guess i feel more secure? the good thing is that the Kotex Luxe Daytime’s 28cm can also hold heavy flow! so yay!!!!!!!!!!! 

Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Overnight – 32cm 

Night Leakage has always been one of my most top worries and my most hated time during my period week because for some reason my pads would tend “move” sideways when i’m sleeping and the next morning i would be in a total mess! but the overnight pads absorbs 3x faster than my usual overnight pads so yay!!!! no more night leakage and staining of undies + bedsheets !!!!

and the next best thing is that the packaging is in a draw-string bag which makes it so portable to carry around when i’m out! 

The Kotex Luxe Ultrathin is retailing at $5.95 per pack! 

but want to try the product first before getting it?

Sample Store is giving Free Sample for the Kotex Luxe Ultrathin

simply click > “KotexLuxeUltrathinSampleStore!”

Kotex Singapore is also giving Free Sample for the Kotex Luxe Ultrathin 

at their Facebook page! simply click >”KotexSingapore!”


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